LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!! <3

Needless to say, it's been an interesting last few weeks. I don't even want to comment on it, because it feels like all the commenting has been squozen and wringed and shaken out of me by now. I will just state for the record how interesting it was going to Soho and other parts of Manhattan just above Canal Street on the 15th, and seeing crowds of people walking around just like it was any other Saturday. Everything seemed almost back to normal even by then, aside from the huge smoking hole just south of us, of course. Life can squish you like a bug at any time (no sick pun intended, really, even I have some tact when it comes to situations like this), and you just can't wait around and be scared all the time. I was very careful not to touch my hands to my face after riding the subway until I washed them, though, after listening to my father go on and on about how easy it would be to launch a biological weapon there.

Anyway in a week, I will be moving to Jersey City for most of 3 months while my parents' house is completely refurbished. This will be thrilling in many ways, as I get to act like a young adult for a while and be close to partay in the city and also young Mike who currently has a strong grasp upon my heart. And I will admit that is has crossed my mind that I could be pretty safe there, what with the large Middle Eastern and Pakistanian(?) population, and Sheik Rakmad's temple there, it is unlikely to be the center of any terrorist attack (launched, at least, by Muslims). Of course I may get to witness some pretty ugly racist acts by visitors to my fine new home-city, which makes me feel completely powerless because I am getting fiestier and will usually now say mean things to people if they are doing something bad or dumb, but I am scared of big men or even small crazy looking ones, and if I see a big man doing something bad, I may just run. At least I can admit it. I should start carrying a switchblade to protect me and fellow citizens. BADASS.

THis entry lacks pure comedic substance. However, since the networks have decided its ok to go back to regularly scheduled programming, it must be OK for me too. i promise to write more soon, loverboys/ladies. AND THANK YOU ALL FOR BIRTHDAY GREETINGS. my birthday did not actually turn out so awful, considering. however i think i will attempt to get it officially changed to the 10th next year.