"knock knock." who's there? "D." D who? "DEZE NUTZ!!!!!!!!!!"

On saturday, i felt like those couples on tv shows that go to parks and watch children play and feel sad because they're infertile and all they want in life is a little child who will love them and look cute and grow up and take care of them when they are old and saggy. only, this was with dogs. Misha and I went to the madison square dog park and sat inside, and the dogs played around us and we sighed with yearning. It was enjoyable, but the dogs really weren't interested in us at all, they were more interested in each other and sniffing puddles of piss. (which I really don't find cute, but misha does, and claims he would find it cute if a dog stole one of my used tampons from the trash can and ate it. WHAT????) there was one dog who was wearing booties, and most were wearing sweaters. we enjoyed the antics of a huge fluffy dog who was being terrorized by an athletic boxer who kept stealing the tennis balls. We sat until our feet froze, then walked about the city so I could get my mother a birthday present. (I will not say what I got her yet, in case she is a spy and is reading this!!) i also got a tote bag that is camoflauge colors and covered in ponies. And the new Calla cd and Iron & Wine, which are both very good and impressive in their own wayz. (reminding me that I will be seeing Notwist in April and I am very excited about this).

this weekend I was feeling a bit bummed because I used to be very much into new music, and be reasonably knowledgeable, but I fell out of it a year or two ago and i feel like it is almost iMPOSSIBLE to just dive back in without spending a whole lot of money or wasting a lot of time listening to horrible CDs, because for some reason most humans are not gifted with the ability to judge their own talents or artwork. of course, there are CD burners, but that whole thing makes me feel slightly guilty, like a dirty thief!!

This whole weekend was very enjoyable, hanging out with friends, and watching Brown Sugar (which was actually a really bad movie, if it weren't for Taye Diggs, who I find irrepressably charming and FOINE).

this week is valentine's day, which i will enjoy even if it IS a corporate holiday (simply because i love holidays). shove that up your ass and smoke it!!!

also, "ma dick" and "deze nutz" jokes will always be funny.