Stop dippin in, stop dappin in

The little things that connect a PC Ethernet adapter card to an Ethernet cable are called "dongles" and I can't stop giggling about it. It either sounds like an onametapoeic (uhhh) word for a nutsack, or it makes me think "dongleberries"....heeheeheehee.

The previous commentary provided by little Katie, age 8.

I've started reading a biography of Georges Bataille, and it's really well-written, but I doomed myself last night by flipping ahead to the pictures in the middle of the book. In addition to charming pictures of the young pervert and ones of his crazy syphallytic father, some of the pictures depicted "the torture of a hundred pieces", a horrible punishment given in China at the turn of the century to a young man accused of assasinating a prince. This man was, basically, hepped up on opiates and then cut into 100 pieces. I guess Batialle was given these pictures and moved by them, unsure whether the ecstatic look on the man's face was from pain or ecstacy. Anyway, these pictures are horribly graphic, and it's one of those things that I think will stay with me forever, in the back of my mind, and I really don't want it living there. Especially disturbing were the business-as-usual faces of the executioners. Oh, humanity.