Craigslist: missed connections

I read Craigslist everyday in hopes that I am a 'missed connection'. I love compliments!

I spent last night pinning and basting a shirt that I need to take in because it is shaped too weird for my body. I am extremely hesitant to sew this on the machine, because this would be the first machine sewing I ever did, but I HATE reading manuals and preparing and learning and practicing before I get to do something real. I just like to barge right into things and flop around all clumsy, learning all the necessities as I go! I am a real go-getter. Anyway, I kept pricking my fingers on needles and also I had horrible cramps. On the plus side: NO BABIES! On the down side: RED SEA!

How come the people on American Idol have no distinctive vocal style? Or if they do, they are really bad? I am also unimpressed by the songs they choose that use like 3 or 4 notes in total. THEY DON"T FOOL ANYONE, EXCEPT MAYBE PAULA ABDUL!!! and note that her voice was 'harmonized' during her singing career, and she is actually a really bad singer.

My parents are cleaning out a storage room at a storage facility, and I get to go through all my old stuffed animals sometime soon and decide which to keep. I don't think I have any other decision but to keep them all. I think about how sad and heartbroken and abandoned they'd feel in a garbage dump...and i just can't do it!! The looks on their faces!! Oh merciful lord!! (I really had trouble when I was younger with judging fantasy vs. reality, and I still feel to some extent like inanimate objects have feelings. Why am I admiting this?)

Speaking of merciful lord, Jen told me good story the other day that reminded me of something I like very much: people emphatically praisin' Jesus. She used to work at a Lane Bryant, and once she was ringing up some large black woman's purchases, and the total came out to $77.77. When Jen told the lady this, the lady went "WHAT DID YOU SAY? OHHH LAWWWD!!!! OHHHHH LAWD!!!!! PRAISE THE LAWWWD!!! IT'S THE LAWD'S NUMBERS!!!!! MY LUCK HAS CHANGED!!! OHHHH LAWWWWD!!!!" And she kept genuflecting on the countertop. I don't know, but the fact that the store was Lane Bryant makes the story funnier. I want the Lord to speak to me in miracle numbers at the CVS. WHILE I AM BUYING MONOSTAT 3!!!!!