Bad Habits Reminiscing

I decided to compile a list of all the bad habits I have had that existed for far too long.

Nail-Biting - Still continues to this day. I had one year where I was able to stop, but please folkz, give me my security blanket.

Please folkz - This seriously annoys the hell out of me each time I type it, but I just can't stop.

Nose-picking - Misha always tries to get me to pick my nose and eat it, but he was disgusted to learn that I actually did this until like 5th grade. For some reason I believed that if I covered my nose-picking hand with my other hand, it would look like I was covering my mouth with both hands and not like I was "digging for gold". Needless to say, no one was fooled. This habit was finally broken when Eric Rock would turn around in his seat to catch me doing this, so he could yell "EWWWW!!! PICKIN' BOOGERS!!!" at me.

Amazingly, despite the fact that this habit lasted far too long, I was NOT known as the nasty booger-eating girl (that every school has). That honor went to a girl named Zarifa, who often smelled like pee and wore old early 80s clothes to school. I wasn't bothered for being nasty, I was just harassed for being dorky and white.

In later years, I developed a short-lived habit of trying to pick other people's noses.

Weird Noises - I had this habit inexplicably for several months in 7th grade. I guess I was growing into my large post-adolescent head at that point. Anyway, I would make weird quiet noises in my throat to test my voice or something. My best friend constantly told me to stop and I finally did. I have recently learned that this habit is not all that rare and that several people I know in 7th grade also suffered from this.

Drugz - I am a junkie.

I can't think of anymore, which makes this pointless, but probably procrastination is my worst habit right now. Also, I am addicted to luv.

Like a beam of heaven sent from the past to light up the future, my mother presented me yesterday with a CD single (Hard to Explain) by the Strokes that she had meant to give me two years ago. Does this = $DOUGH$? I sometimes consider selling all my old My Little Ponies on ebay for $DOUGH$, but then I wonder if they will be sad if I make them leave my house. I have an army of ponies, and I didn't even cut mohawks into any of their hair. They should be worth some $DOUGH$. My Cabbage Patch Kids, however, are not worth any $DOUGH$, and neither are any of my ideas, ever.

:( !!!!

In related news, I think I am going to watch some digital MTV/VH1 cable tonite. We will watch VH1 Soul channel and talk about how we wish every video was either Prince or Sade.