Pointless, therefore dull

This weekend was spent wining and dining sort of. On Friday we went to one of my favorite bars in the city, Pravda. It is evilly Russian and vodka-y. Jess took us a long time ago and the verdict remains the same: the crowd seems a little ridiculous at times, the prices expensive, but the drinks are delicious and the food is tasty. Sometimes I worry about becoming a yuppie, but then I finish hosing down my BMW, go inside to check my stock quotes, put on my cashmere Banana Republic robe, lounge on my Pottery Barn couch, and realize that life will eventually be OK.

I can't tell if that last joke was poorly executed or just lame.

We wandered around Bay Ridge on Saturday and went to Century 21, which I was excited for, but I should know that no discount store will ever carry anything I want in a medium or a large. I did however find European designer jeans with embossed tigers and dinosaurs on them. HOT!!! also the dressing rooms had no doors on them and I saw boobies (AND I BET MINE WERE SPIED AS WELL!!!). I was expecting to see a lot of crazy Russian ladies tearing at D&G clothing, but everyone was surprisingly well-behaved. On the whole, I'd rather go to Barney's, even though I am shocked out of 3 days of my life each time I look at a price tag there.

After Century 21 we had sushi and watched tv and stuff. THRILLING. This is more fun than it sounds in my diaryland. I noticed a bra on the floor at my hosts' apartment, but I didn't know how to point it out kindly!!! I think I stepped on it.

My favorite cartoon right now is M.U.S.C.L.E. It is on Fox 5 on Saturday mornings. I'm telling you, it's a classic. On the other hand, Joe Millionaire is not as good as it could be. Am I right, or what??? SNL did some good parody skits of it, but they should have done one that was "Joe Dead" and he was a corpse that they were pretending was alive, and the ladies wouldn't find out he was dead till the end. Or "Joe Crabs" and he secretly has VD. MY OH MY!!

I am still obsessed with Animal Crossing, even though I really hate it deep down inside. I keep getting stung by bees in it and then my little character is all ugly, and I can't love her anymore because of it.

I continue to be obsessed with red bean paste and Playmobil toys.

Someone made a Henry Darger play. Will their be naked little girls with prosthetic penises in it?

In related news, I feel really sorry for Paul Reubens.