I spent New Year's Eve feeling like a happy dullard sloth on space brownies and red wine that I kept making a sour-puss face everytime I took a sip of it. I also ended up sleeping (and drooling) on the host's bed by about 1:30 as he was hit on by the most irritating girl I had ever met (keep in mind this was at his and his pretty girlfriends' apartment, right in front of her). I also felt hunted by single bachelors on the prowl the whole night, but I think I am just paranoid and egotistical. Misha was oblivious and bumming cigarettes off everyone and their momma. That dirty scamp!!

Does anyone dress up as a baby on New Year's anymore? Someone at the party mentioned that they pee a lot after drinking liquor, and I suggested that she put on Depends and become the New Year's baby, but she told me that was mean. I am really not sure how she understand what I was saying, because I was slurring every word. I would really like it if on New Year's, we burned old men dolls in effegy to the Old Year ending and dying!!

Events previous to that night include Misha accidentally headbutting me in the nose as we were rough-housing (my reaction was a weird combination of laughing and crying), and Christmas, for which I received a Hello Kitty rice cooker and a fancy cell phone that has totally obnoxious and excellent cell phone rings. Misha and I exchanged game systems earlier, and I have become addicted to Animal Crossing, which is sort of a mind-numbingly boring game, but in a cuddly way.

in other news, one of my best and oldest friends is veering more and more towards strong J.W. beliefs, and has said that there will come a time when she can't be friends with me anymore. i am the devil's temptations, and not even having any fun. this is what i get for trying to have friends that are different from me. Assimilation 4-eva. How can you not be a pessimist?