A Melange/Plethora of stuff. (Those are some of my favorite-sounding words)

Don't blubber, but I am considering eating whale while in Iceland!! Apparently, there is a restaurant that bought up all the meat from the last whale to be caught legally by Iceland, or some such something or other. Anyway, they put it in the freezer and have been serving it ever since. I am not sure that if I try it, I might feel as guilty as an unmarried, sexually-active catholic (which is very guilty-feeling, believe me, I've known several such sad suckers). It is, however, one of those things I would like to say that I did with my life (you know, eat whale meat), right along with climbing Mount Everest and meeting Richard Simmons (check!).

I have been having weird gut pains in my back and front. Apparently, this might signal some sort of kidney trouble. An at-home test for kidney infection that I found described on the web was basically: get a friend to punch you in the back (right below where the ribs end), and if it hurts a lot, you could have a kidney problem!! How genius is that? And why does the term "renal failure" sound so dirtily erotic?

I took two sick days this week (one because I was vomiting in the shower on Tuesday, hooray for pseudo-morning-sickness from B.C., and another because my gyno had to feel up my ovaries on Thursday, and it was in the middle of the day and work would have been a waste. EXCUSES, EXCUSES!!!) I took that time to look through old bags of junk in my house, and to pet my little grey fluffball of a kitty. (She is friendly and my best friend.) I have a lot of old clothes that are made out of really pretty fabric, that I am going to tear apart and recycle as some sort of new creation. Probably Erykah Badhu type head-dresses!! (I am going to Vidal Sassoon to get my hair STYLED tomorrow, and I am terribly afraid of walking away with a femme-mullet, as if you've noticed, that seems to a be a fancy hipster hairdo in recent months. I was pulling out pictures of hairdos from magazines last night that I liked, but then I realized that most of them look sort of like how my hair is now. It's confusing, but I should probably take that as a message to save my money.)

I saw Mr. Show live last Sunday!! Really late at night. I was in attendance with members of both Yo La Tengo and The Strokes, but they denied any knowledge of my existence. I really like David Cross a lot, he looks insane, as well as his schlumphy brother-in-law. Sometimes we see David Cross out and about, and once Misha overheard him talking about his baldness in Lit. (For my friends far away--Lit is a funny place because it is small and popular with like indie rock hipsters. Minor celebrities that my friends have hung out with there (usually against their will) include Papa Roach and the crazy-looking black guy from "Kids". I ACTUALLY DISLIKE THE PLACE DESPITE THIS, BECAUES IT IS CRAMPED AND THE ONLY ATTENTION I GET IS FROM THE SMOOV DOORMAN WHO LOVES THE LADIES!!!)

Discuss: Is Bret Easton Ellis good or crap? I THINK HE IS BOTH AT ONCE.

I think I may have to bite the bullet and actually learn to drive very soon. More on this at a later time.