It is amazing how perfect, beautiful fall mornings can now create such a sense of foreboding.

Maybe it's just the atmosphere with everything recently, since the situation at work is precarious at best and who knows who will be able to keep their job and who won't. This is not the greatest of economies to be so unsure in. I am not so much worried for myself as I am for my parents, saving for retirement, and my other coworkers, too many with new babies or new houses. I have been in a horrible mood lately and I only enjoy huddling on my bed and reading Harry Potter with my cat. (I also like to look at picture books, too.)

That being said, the rainy labor day weekend was not so bad. except for a disappointing sunday night, where Misha and I had planned to go to a big party called "Motherfucker" (i think it used to be full of tranvestites and faghags, but now it is all indie rock scenesters). Unbelievably, there was a line down one whole half of an NYC block where we waited IN THE RAIN for an HOUR AND A HALF to get inside. I was suitably PISSED OFF and my reaction WAS LESS THAN PLEASED when the men handing out wristbands WANDERED AWAY when I got to the front of the line. All I wanted was a couple of whiskey sours and for the next few minutes, when I got inside the club and thought i wouldn't be able to drink that evening, i was a wildcat!!! (MREOW!!!!!!!) anyway it was eventually ok and Misha got to see the band that he wanted to see (we thought that we were in line so long that we missed it) and then we left soon after. i am a party pooper. before that we ate at a vegan resturant that does not serve salt, sugar, or real coffee. SINCE WHEN DO COFFEE BEANS OPPRESS AMINALS??? oh also at that party, right next door was a big hip hop party,and i thought i was going to see a big feud between scenesters and 'heads, but it never occurred. (i'll bet the hip hop party was better with more BOOTY SHAKIN occurring.)

NO MORE!!! I can't philosophize well today, or else i would put more here.