Holy shit!!! This is gonna be me when I am in Iceland!!!!!!:

Apparently there are tours you can take where you get to SNOWMOBILE ON A GLACIER!!!! ANd look at steaming geysers and shit!!!!! And then after a long day of traveling, you get to go soak in a huge algae-filled cesspool!!


The best thing about all of this is imagining Misha, who will be as excited as a 10 year boy with the snowmobiles. I hope we get to learn tricks on them, like jumping over each other and stuff. It will be like a rockin' 80's music video. With Bjork in it!!

My week has passed all too quick. I found out that my friend's cousin got breast implants, and is attempting to hide them from her family, who she still lives with. I am not so sure how that will work.

I bought several books this week that made me feel uneducated when I bought them. Normally, I try to impress bookstore clerks with my discriminating and obscure tastes (much like shopping at indie rock music stores). That day I bought a Harry Potter book and a book about dog shows. I should have just worn a sweatshirt with puffy painted puppies on it and put my hair in a banana clip, for heavens sakes. Whenever I go to Barnes and Nobles, I make sure to peruse the wrestling magazines. Those guys are crazy!!!

My birthday is coming up soon. Some guy called last week from the Newark Star Ledger (or something similar?) to interview me about it for a story about people's birthdays that are on 9/11. I havent called back, because I dont know much what I would say to him about it. That day, for me, illustrated that saying "it never rains, but it pours". Of course, I was never much for celebrating my birthday (I liked the parties when I was little, but now I don't like a lot of attention anymore and I really hate cleaning up after people), so the day doesn't seem like it will change much for me. Aside from everyone making jokes "Well, I knocked down two buildings for you last year, how can I top that?" But that is fairly irreverant to put in a newspaper, at least right now. When I was little, my elementary school principle was born on Pearl Harbor Day. About 45 years later, it really held no significance anymore. I remember him having the usual cakes and parties (my mother was friends with him), and suffering the same joke from everyone, that never caused anyone emotion.