More About Me

I wrote a long masterpiece here yesterday, but then Diaryland broke and the masterpiece disappeared. Just so you know. Now your day will be ruined because you know that you missed out on something good FOREVAHHHHHHH. Also, I solved cancer in the missing entry, but it's lost forever, so now you'll probably die from mutagens sooner than necessary.

Over the weekend I somehow ended up at a Bulgarian dance party. It was a drunken sort of magic, where I appeared in this place all of the sudden, surrounded by lots of sweaty people getting their freaky dance moves on to techno versions of traditional eastern european music. And then suddenly would be some new wave hits of the 80s. and then weird eastern european techno again. I booty danced a lot. (For some reason I always end up 'doin da butt' no matter what music is playing. btw, 'Doin da Butt' and 'JUMP, Shake Your Booty' were my sister's favorite dance songs. 'Doin da Butt' goes "DOIN DA BUTT...AYEE AYEE AYEE AYE" and the other goes "JUMP shake your booty, JUMP JUMP shake your booty". My cousin's favorite song was one that was beatboxing, but to me it sounded like they were saying "THA POO-POO IN THE BUCKET, THA POO-POO IN THE BUCKET." i think i've written about that before.)

Anyway, it was a memorable event. But you know the problem with these things? You try to go back to the same place to recreate the joy of the night, and it just never works. i think that's the basic problem with ym life. I need to learn to be more mutable. i also need to learn to not become my mother in social situations. of course my mother is one of the loveliest women in the world, but i notice a weird trend that i 'quaintify' things and appear almost overly enthusiastic when talking to new people. also i say inappropriate times. (Anecdote: i used to say things like "MOOOOM!!! I'M BOOOORED!!!" to her all the time as young women are wont to do. And she would be like "why don't you go and eat an apple?" hahaha. AND ALSO THE ALWAYS PUSHING MESSY FRUIT ON PEOPLE WHO ARE TRAVELING, like Erika's mother. "NO I DON'T WANT TO TAKE THIS PEAR WITH ME ON THE PLANE BECAUSE IT WILL SQUIRT EVERYWHERE!!!!!")

I went to another place with weird sushi this weekend called Ginger. SHH DONT TELL FRIEND HOUSE!!!! i still like Friend House better. At least, when they have their really fancy sushi chef working. Why do i write about food so much?

Today bits of fiber glass insulation are snowing down upon me. i have a feeling this does permanent lung damage, but hey, so does huffing natural gas.

Some gutter punks on St. Marks were standing around, and when me and misha and his friend christian walked past, they said something like "Good evening, you brainwashed sacks of shit". It made me giggle. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND THE IRONY OF THIS.