The summer grows hotter and hotter and it grows harder and harder for me to actually spit out what I need to say. The car accident of almost exactly a year ago has come back to haunt me in the form of neckaches in the exact spot where my neck was hurt. I will be hepped up on Advil 4-eva.

I must say that I enjoy the culinary palate of my dear Misha. He is one of the few people I know who will dine just about anywhere and try anything (that is fish or vegetable or dairy, at least). most people are less adventurous eaters. I have a habit of ordering things at restaurants that I think sound gross or I dont know if I like. This ended up in me eating sauteed soft shell crabs last week, which I didnt realized YOU ACTUALLY EAT THE SHELLS OF, TOO. be forewarned!! they taste too fishy. we had oysters though (fried, so they were unlike cunnilingus) and delicious delicious gazpacho. i would describe my entire meal in an erotic manner, but that is a joke that grows old fast.

Interestingly enough, I know Martha Stewart's scapegoat personally. Douglas Faneuil was a friend of my sister's from college. I HAVE TOUCHED FAME. and, my fuzzy kitty.

I am not entirely sure when to take certain things as an insult, or when to take them as gross negligence due to cluelessness.