bitty bits

so there was this storm and the storm hit my hometown (red bank) and my hometown was on tv and the power was out since friday night and there were big trees down everywhere and my office where i work got flooded, too, and is starting to smell like mildew because the carpeting is soaked and there was 5+ inches of water some places. it was an exciting, sweaty time. i couldnt even read or watch tv cause it got dark so early!!! my cat didn't even want to sit on my lap because she was so hot! she just lay across the couch, panting. i would fan her from time to time with a piece of paper. she is cute.

that is my exciting life. i am going to start making books and comics soon. once i get materials. bookbinding is a very satisfying hobby that is not that hard (you just mostly need to glue and sew and get good quality paper). i recommend it.

i finally procured a DVD of Pee Wee's Big Adventure, which is my favorite movie. i will watch it tonite with the commentary on. I am so excited.

Misha also gave me a beautiful set of cups and dishes, and it makes me want to have a tea party. please come over, mr. froggy and mr. bear!!! actually, i never had those gay ass frilly tea parties they show little girls having in tv commercials. i had Sylvanian Family tea parties. they were miniature!! now i will have adultorific tea parties. the tea will contain shrooms or everclear.