wow!! i am an updatin' fool

OH GOD. do you ever get that thing where you're so hungry, your back hurts? i currently feel like a cripple. i imagine that scene in the mortal kombat video game where you rip out a guy's back, and i want that for me. I would love to be blobby.

this cover of this movie has haunted me for years:

For years, whenever I think of the phrase "OH GOD" in my head, i think immediately afterwards "YOU DEVIL". and the first mood (for the "OH GOD" part) is shock, and the second mood (for the "YOU DEVIL" part) is evilly scandalous!!!! George Burns, I never saw your movie, but I remember it being in the video store all the time when i was young. I also remember renting "Excalibur" when I was 10 because I was obsessed with the Arthurian legend (I was so cultured that I read both Chretian De Troi's version AND Mallory's "Le Morte D'Arthur". OOH LA LA), and I got more than I bargained for.

Why are my sentences always so complex?

This weekend is my and Misha's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. can you believe it? can you believe it's been one year already? (i'm trying to do my best impression of a yearbook signature, BTW.) i still remember the first steamy night we spent together!! we took a taxi, and some guy drove past and waved porno movies at us through his window! he wanted us to purchase some!! NOW I AM MISHA'S BALL AND CHAIN. We are going to take a journey of enlightenment together this october, to europe.

last night i ate some really good food! have you ever eaten skate? it's my favorite fish/fish-like beast! i had choco puffs for breakfast.

i bet you forget that these books ever existed!!!: