A guy I used to work with was just arrested after a night-long standoff with police in California. This happened a day or two after he was released from jail after having served his sentence for terroristic threats to an ex-girlfriend. (he flew across country to kill her and himself, apparently, but was taken into custody as soon as he got off the plane.) when he went on his little trip to california and was arrested, he was fired, but still owned a whole bunch of company equipment at his apartment. his ex-boss refused to go and retrieve the equipment cause he was sure this guy's house was booby-trapped.

Misha came over during the weekend to cuddle my cat, but she clawed him in the neck. We ate many asian snackfoods and tried to watch the Mr. Show DVD, but the DVD player was masquerading as a DVD player that was actually hooked up right and it was not actually working. We watch part of Showtime at the Apollo (i took note of all stupid looking white people in the audience and vowed never to let that happen to me) and then went to bed, where we were joined by Gracie, who smoooshed us back out of bed. then misha played in my fancy shower and we had breakfast and went into town and stuff and i spilled coffee on my $75 shirt and pouted and then got cheered up. WHOA. my life could be a novel!!!

if i could drive, i would be going to the boardwalk every night.

i can't seem to make this online diary interesting any more. IT BURNS UP MY HEART TO ASHES!!!! Maybe if I become more intellectual, I'll be inspired.