THAT WAS MY WORST ENTRY YET. DOOKIE IS NOT EVEN A COOL WORD ANYMORE, DUE TO ITS USE AS A GREEN DAY ALBUM TITLE. however, it was very cool in the first grade, when jason used to swirl his finger around in his chocolate pudding and sing "EATIN' DOOKIE!"

speaking of skool, i looked at all my class pictures from school last night and realized just how fat i was in my youth. not that i'm so svelte right now, but i really hadn't realized quite what a problem i had. i also hadnt realized how unattractive i looked when i was so weighty. GOD AND I THOUGHT I WAS ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO COULD LOOK PRETTY WHILE QUITE PLUMP. i think i will whine a little more.

my cat keeps trying to hang herself on the blinds in my room. suicidal, like ian curtis' cat!! no wait, it was he who hung the cat. ian's cat was not suicidal. it was merely a pawn in the ruthless game of life/death. ALAS, WHAT A HORRIBLE WORLD THIS DOTH IS.