my deepest thoughts and emotions!

why was i not gifted with any artistic powers that manifest themselves when i am depressed? i always hear about artists or writers who had like manic depression, but only created anything when they were very sad. i can only be productive when feeling good. for depression, i was given powers of extreme tv concentration and irritability. SADDY FACE!!!! :( (if i make fun of myself for using emoticons, i feel less bad about using them. (whenever i read the word 'emoticon', i hear it in my head being said as 'the comic book guy' would say it.))

dear readers, i am going to sucker misha into paying extra for admission to the Natural History museum this weekend so that we can around with butterflies. And then I will feel like a princess.


i am going to go find some Mike N Ikes now.

Here is a thought for the day: if i was a physical manifestation of my online-diary, I would be a tard.