charming or not? do you imagine me having a huge pot belly, beard, and constantly watching monty python?

my eyeballs are full of pain! i want to banish them from my head. they are swollen up like bugs-eye golfballs.

That is my current status report.

I saw Belle and Sebastian last night and they were beautiful. Plus i got a new bag to carry my clothes around in on the weekends, so i don't have to carry the big red sparkly punk rock bag (that incidentally, the emo girl on Real World NYC II also carried). Once some flaming art-fag men made fun of me at North Six for my sparkley bag. :( anyway, the show was short but good. Interpol opened, and Misha was right, they sound like the Radiohead song "Creep". then they boogied down for the last few songs and sounded like the Smiths, except without the good guitar parts, and without the amusing lyrics and talented singing. OHHH GOD. why are they the new "it" band? VOMITORIUM. i got to sit in the balcony while all the "have-nots" meandered about in a huge standing crowd on the floor. wow, it's great to be elite. I ate Mcdonald's chicken strips before the show. SO MUCH FOR VEGANISM. i enjoy buffalo sauce, even though it is not made from cattle parts.

oof! now i'm off to belittle the peasantry!!