light-hearted, simple entertainment for your day

i don't mind that i'm nerdy, but i wish the world would not tread on me! :(

I am going to turn my online-diary into one huge Ziggy cartoon, in which i mope about, am disheartened, but then learn that the world is truly full of love! I keep thinking about Ziggy today, and how I associate that little bald fellow with a fourth grade teacher at my old primary school named Mrs. Ziegler. She had short curly hair and was German. she collected Ziggy things cause they were so close to her name! well, hats off to her!

in college, someone once gave me a birthday card with Ziggy on it, with no hint of irony. That is when i knew that this person had bad taste.

i like to think of myself as a nice person, but then i go and make fun of someone who gave me a birthday card. this is when i realize that lots of mean people don't necessarily mean to be mean. there is no meaning behind their mean. WOW THAT IS SO TRIPPY

speaking of trippy, i tried absinthe this weekend and it did nothing noticable except be highly intoxicating (in a more alcoholic manner than sexy perfumes). Misha told me it was an absinthe party, but neglected to tell me that it was also an engagement party, so i managed to embarass myself with the fiance while hunting down some booze. i think it was OK though because the couple seemed very friendly. i only remember pieces of the party, such as telling someone that my laughter masks my social anxiety, and misha having an in-depth discussion with a cute little portly flaming man about the greatness of trollies.


the night previous we saw Spiderman (which was very much a light-hearted summer movie, as i had expected), ate at Stingy Lu-Lu's (where all the waitresses are drag queens (I SAW ONE GIVING HEAD THROUHG THE GLASS DOOR OF THE BATHROOM ONCE!!! SCANDALOUS!!!!!!)), and went to Barmacy which was empty, btu we drank with a friendly group of people. but everything reminds me of shyness. and today, Ziggy.