An old piece of conceptual art that i created. I will explain it to you, someday.

my eyes hurt from staring at my screen at work. this used to happen a lot last year, and i thought i needed glasses, until i turned down the brightness of my screen. FASCINATING HUH. it was a little disappointing because i wanted a pair of those cateye art school eyeglasses. simple accessories like that take a simple outfit from a bourgeois retailer such as banana republic from drab to HIPSTER CLASSY. actually, i don't know. my sense of coolness is still probably caught in the mid to late 90's. i'd like to dress like a japanese east villager. all i know about mod is that it has something to do with romulans and cocaine.

i have tickets to spidey tomorrow! we will get to the theater an hour early, but i don't think that will be enough... reminds me of all that star wars bullshit, i apologize to all the lovuhs, but i think they're all awful movies. i used to argue about this in high school with a coworker of krissy's--a young lad by the name of steve, who always wore a Star Wars cap. he was the only hardcore kid i ever knew in high school, hard to believe in such a HATE-EDGE state as NJ, but its true. i knew a lot of hippies and pseudo riot girls. i wish i had known a riot boi!!! they're funny.

hahhaha that was a pointless story. i do this in person, too. i am the worst person with storytelling, if i ever start, just interrupt me, cause there is never a point. i function best in conversations where i appear kind or intelligent.

i have found a way to bond with people at work: the Cooper Mini. i hate BMWs but i love that car. misha and i saw a huge truck driving around Union Sq. with one on a trailer behind it. it was cute and had no trunk! just a row of backseats. i would take a person i hate for a drive and place them in the backseat, and then be purposefully rear-ended. HEH HEH HEEEE!!! actually i would only do this to the devil china dolls that i used to have in my bedroom, i got them for christmas once and they have stared me to sleep every night since 8 years old. (Note: they don't look like devils, but like evil little girls.) anyway: the cooper mini. it is cute. several coworkers have test driven one. and liked it. I also love the new Mustang.

one of my parents' best friends is dying, who is more like a relative to me than most real relatives. everytime i remember this during the day it smothers me and i have to cry.