not even worth it

last night i played with Sandy, a lovable dog! we fell in love the instant we met. she is the type of dog that misha refers to as a "plain dog" IE a lab. she is half lab/half golden retriever! and all love! she did not smell horrible nor did she bite. i petted her softy fur neck. she rolled on a toy! we watched dawson's creek together. I THOUGHT PINK WAS CASTED ON THAT SHOW! but she wasn't!

i enjoy peach smints! my pants are too big and are pouching over my womanly lower belly. there are children in the office racing around on chairs.

i really want to go to iceland this year. i am also planning on going to arizona, to visit dear little horn-nosed erika and mr. brian d (as opposed to bryan d). anyway i want to see a glacier and Tijuana, i wish on the same day, but that's hardly likely.

is it wrong that i'm excited about vanilla coke? is it wrong not to always be glad?