a reason i love misha is because he sends me emails about weird/cute people on public transportation almost every morning.

"on the train today i sat by an older gentleman who was singing softly to himself Rag Time tunes. He also would stroke his face with a pink napkin that was rolled up tightly and to a point at its tip. he also had a bag that contained an empty cup of coffe. a Healthy Choice microwavable dinner of Salsbery Steak with Siren Mashed potatos. and he also had a Husk of corn.. now the hust itself was complete, but inside the husk was only a half a piece of corn. I know all this because he sat by me and played with alll the things in his bag. He then began to speak out to someone who only he could see. i couldnt understand it all.. but here is what i could understand best in the order in which it was said.

"I ate too much yesterday!"

"I tried really hard to get up early today"

"I missed Nightline!"

"he never even went to highschool"

"Oh my father would be ashamed.. yes"

He would also stare over peoples shoulders to see what they were reading, and crouch down so that he could see the cover of books. he noticed some girl was reading Harry Potter and mumbled something to himself all smug and snotty like. i really liked him.



and he loves all of these people!

i also want to point out CM's entry in my guestbook about the pool hall. THAT MADE ME LAUGH OUT LOUD. seriously, between that and this email, i had a really good morning.

then later i had lunch with my excoworker who is becoming a cycle-slut. no wait, a POLICEMAN's cycle-slut. though she refuses to wear a powder blue leather vest, like all the other hot mama's.

i'm scared to be on a bike!!

i would like a little moped, though.