incandescently sparked the atmosphere

now i don't feel like finishing. i am a womanly brat!

I found a book yesterday that I read about in Bizarre magazine called Rock 'n Roll Cats. (I found it ONLINE actually, at Dia center for the arts Bookshop, which is in Chelsea and Misha says it's fun.) anyway this book is Japanese and it's all pictures of kittens dressed up and posed in various elaborate diarama settings, like a doctor's office and a jailyard. Also of note is the fact that somehow, these kittens stand upright on their hind legs (LIKE PEOPLE). I ordered it yesterday and was excited and told my father, and he sighed and chuckled a little, cause that is the only sort of response you can have towards someone who likes this stuff. My family was weirded out by Henry Darger at first, as was I, but in a lovely way.

my office is a frigidaire!!!! My chair is a bag of peas and my desk is half a turkey carcass!! my computer is a plastic tub of salsa and my mouse is a pudding snack! GOD it's so cold, i COULD TOTALLY PRETEND THIS. aside from the asphyxiation that would result from being trapped in a fridge. my breathing is normal. i'm not really hungry.

I had a problem while reading a hip zine last weekend, I looked at a photo spread called "alabama" and i couldn't tell if someone just took pictures of dorks in alabama or whether it was a fashion spread. hick-shiek? it left me confused and irritable.

i can't wait to move back to red bank! i am going to take lots of walks. I wish Vivian Pickles the wiener dog still lived in my abode, i would put on her rhinestone leash and show her off to the world. Emily said that when she lived in New Orleans, once she was walking Vivian and a flamingly gay man drove by in a convertible, stopped short, and backed up to where Emily and Viv were standing. "OH MYYYY GOOoDNNNESSS!!!!" shrieked the man, hands on his cheeks. Vivian is the most adorable butt-licker ever.

Jen got a dog herself and I'm gonna play with it tomorrow. It licks the sheets and Jen is sad because now her pet cat hates her.

I love finding out that other girls had dirty Barbie games. I used to hide the fact that I did! it embarassed me, like the subject of BOYZ cause i was not a stone-foxy youngin. Just for the record, my parents were them liberal-types and I never owned any Barbies myself. I had Ginni dolls, that had no breasts and a cute potbelly, just like me!! My favorite novel was "Bunnicula".

Tonight I am going to invent a masterpiece! I don't know of what! Maybe mashed potatoes.