i was just contemplating whether or not i spelled "hearty" correctly in my last entry (heardy? hardy? harty? nothing looks right), and I remembered a line from HMS Pinafore--something about "HE'S A HEARTY LAD, MATES" or something. in 4th grade, i was an androgenous bowl-haircutted child and I played the captain in HMS Pinafore. My best friend played Buttercup, and I ended up wedded to her! but that is not the point of this entry. i just remembered a cassette that becca has lying around somewhere of us re-singing all the HMS Pinafore songs, hip hop style. COMPLETE WITH NERDY PRE-PUBESCENT BEAT BOXIN.

our other favorite games included "Little House on the Prairie", "Hurricane" (a soap-opera type fantasy game in which a popular singer is blown to a tropical island in a hurricane, where she is captured by non-English speaking natives and then ends up ruling them), "Interview and Seduce the Stars", "Barbie Hookers", and "Care Bear Cousins". we never enjoyed board games, because they were only for the "bored". HA HA