my subject lines never have anything to do with anything. don't trust them.

Today when I was purchasing coffee, there was a man standing at the coffee condiments bar. he had a small coffee (known as "Tall", due to the fact that this was a Starbucks...shitty italian roast coffee). he would take packet of sugar, shake it for at least 10 seconds, pour it into his coffee, carefully stir the coffee, then taste the coffee. He had already started when I got in line, and was still doing it 5 minutes later when i went to put SUGAH IN THE RAW in my own coff. I watched him do this at least FIVE TIMES. he was still doing it when I left! I named him the Mad Coffee Chemist. He was portly and did not look even mildy retarded.

In related news, a while ago I was at a Starbucks and saw a midget order a "tall coffee". HAHHAHAHA PRICELESS!

The last six months of my life have been even more of a complete waste than the other months in my life (except for the weekends...<3). i can't get my mind straight anymore. Padraig suggested years ago to start doing childhood imaginary games again, such as imagining giraffes running around on the ceiling, but i've always been really sensitive to things that i consider knee-jerk arsty girl lame ass cliched crap. wow, that was a lot meaner than I meant it to be.

also, no one believes me when I say I've lost weight. i hate little shitheads.

PS: I've decided to cultivate a taste for experimental orchestral music. this is much like friend Ty's attempt to become cultured by surrounding himself with works by French impressionist artists, watching opera, and drinking expensive scotch. only, i will not curse people out all the time for visiting my home and breaking my chairs.