Attention: water is good for you. I felt bad and then I drank some water and now i am perked up like a plant. I think I may have killed my christmas cactus with water though. i watered it over a week ago and the soil is still wet. it is wilty like it's dying. i think i overwatered it for the last month, in my belief that wilty meant thirsty. damn, I will miss it. RIP CACTUS-FRIEND.

Jen has mono and Dena's little sister is recovering from spinal meningitis. and the world is sick with pollution. My parents are moving around furniture in the 100 degree New Jersey heat and I fear for their hearts.

Krissy calld yesterday for the first time since 9/11 and told me that she has a boyfriend twice her age. i dont know if he's a sugardaddy, because I think she makes as much money as he does. She works with the elderly. She told me about her dog Lucky rolling around in poop. We used to ride around aimlessly in her mother's car, listening to music and screaming at each other. I feel wistful.

The weather keeps making me think of Grinnell. on the first sunny day in the spring, EVYERONE would be on the dorm roofs in the afternoon, playing loud music and drinking a brew. the air smelled fresh and good, like flowers and soil. sometimes they would bring out Papa Smurf, the six-foot-tall glass bong. (I ONLY SAW IT, I NEVER USED IT!) I miss Bikey (my broken bike), the color of the sunlight, and the laziness of it all. i also miss the pseudo-intellectuals and 'activists'.


which reminds me of "unskinny bop-bop". i sometimes think that humans just aren't made to truly appreciate the greatness of that song.