i love garlic toooo much. i must have the healthiest honeybox EVER. however, i always make sure that the person(s) i am with have also eaten garlic, so as not to skeeze them out too much. Now that sweatin' season has started again, i promise to be more careful about my garlic intake.

last weekend i sampled a delicious array of sushi and nori from Friendhouse. i ate an "angel roll" (made of angels) and albacore tuna. OH YUM. i also went to scary parts of brooklyn and saw two distinctive sets of Pratt students, each at different parties. misha is very philosophical about this. one group was very "party hearty" (with bacardi) and the other was more vain. misha attempted to dissect the reason why. i think it was because the second place actually had carpeting! i drank an OE 40 and it was undelicious.

also: never trust the food at bubble tea places. ok, so there is the phenomenom of cheap chinese food, wherein the chicken is sometimes a weird flabby consistancy and is strongly flavored. honestly i think this is because the chicken was frozen too long and is a little old or freezer-burned, but we used to get this sort of chicken all the time at a Chinese buffet place near my home. around this time, another buffet place near us was busted for serving cat. consequently i am always a little afraid that the flabby chicken is catmeat. And I call it as such. anyway i had a bad noodle concoction with cat in it (but i did drink a delicious honey dew shake). BEWARE!!! the toast is usually a safe bet, or if they have plain green tea or buckwheat noodles.

"yo mama has a glass eye with a fish in it!" what does that mean, really?

kids in the hall was good and the beacon is a nice venue. they did "running faggot" which i had never seen before, and...oh yes erika....CHICKENLADY. but fortunately she did not masturbate. i will still disturbed at seeing her in person!!!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!! there was a wasp in the car this morning. he seemed a friendly chap. i am a fiendly amazon!