Never date a man who doesn't eat seafood

i am becoming old and aching a lot. my knees are all out of whack and i can't get them right. actually, as a youngster, i had a weird problem in that i had very little cartilege in my knees. i had to wear knee braces and do crazy leg exercises. well, not crazy, but knee problems are usually reserved for 70 year olds and football players, so that alone seems CRAZY. i think these problems lasted about 2 years. i forgot that i had these knee problems until last year. i also forgot that i'm black.

i want to go to the jewish museum nazi art exhibit this weekend, but conversely, i would like to sleep in on sunday morning under the armpit of my Russki bear cub. it is a dilemma. i wish daytime would wait just 3 extra hours so i could get away with pure laziness.

I am reading a book on synesthesia. i have falsely claimed to have been reading this book before. this book is very interesting, and makes my mind think of infinity a lot. because, synesthesia is proof that people experience the world differently through their senses. which means that every person on this earth experiences everything differently. how do i know that i see the same colors as you when we call them by the same name? there is no way of knowing! anyway, sometimes i have synesthetic experiences when i look at sharp things and they feel like they are stabbing my eyes. also sometimes i smell really bright lights. (they smell sterile.)

Thank you for the drink recommendations!! i am an aspiring 'booze hound'. i would like to try absinthe someday, but i don't want it to kill my brain at all.

This is a bad entry.