I've been neglecting this diary for two reasons, one of which is my inability to respond to emails in a timely fashion and then I feel guilty for making an update without writing an email (hi Erika :(). The other reason is that I can't draw a picture of the Battlebot that I want to create. I am so uninspired. I want it to be magical and fun, yet fierce and robust.

I wanted to provide a Battlebot picture because my boyfriend and i fight because he doesn't think I could make a Battlebot. I told him I could just read robotics manuals and figure out how. I want to meet Carmen Electra and do robot battle to the death. He thinks I would get hurt trying to do the motor and electronics stuff. but I figure I would just use vinegar and baking soda for fuel! it is cheap and clean!!! and fizzy and fun. plus it creates a cloud of foam on the battlebot arena that would obscure it, and the other Battlebot would not be able to see to attack!!! I am so clever.

I can't remember anything that I've done for the past few weeks. I remember an adventure getting home last thursday, when I didn't have a ride home, and therefore had to: walk across the 6 lane highway by work, take the bus to the train, take the train to another train, take that train to a cab, and take the cab home. This took 3 hours for what usually takes a 1/2 an hour. does this make me seem more pathetic to you? please don't answer.

There was also some eating done at Friend House, a lot of rain and a warehouse party in which there would only be about 40 people in attendance at once for the whole night, and cats puking a lot.

Man this entry would have been better if I could have thought up a Battlebot.

I'm sure by now you Fox fans know about the fisticuffs that are going to occur, IE paula jones vs. tanya harding. (i almost wrote "paula abdul". that fight would have been more random and funny.) what was the surprise fight going to be? something like vanilla ice vs. todd coleman of "Different Strokes" fame? eh, sort of lame.