that guy who made Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness has a new movie

Dear Internet,

This was a lovely weekend with Misha, as always. On Friday Night, I saw Le Tigre at a Polish cultural place called Warsaw. (I think the name makes it sound all ferocious and Eastern European. Well...duh.) (He was at the same show, apparently.) I had problems where I thought I recognized almost every person in that large venue. This could be because there are really only about 8 faces, especially for scenesters. (actually probably only 2 faces in general: Birdface and Horseface.) Recognition might also have been because I was happily drunk the whole night on whiskey. (ANd then I remembered that rum and cokes existed, and I mixed my liquor and the next morning was sort of awful.) I can't remember much of the show, except for dancing, because I was making out for most of it. It was very nice because I am usually too shy to commit PDA, but I discovered that the overall attractive audience did not intimidate me, and I really only cared what Misha thought, anyway. It is an overwhelmingly soft and beautiful feeling to date someone who can be your companion, is easy-going enough and interested in enough things so that you can just wake up in the morning and decide to walk around and discover things to do, who is attractive, who will immediately forgive you if you are cranky and have a tendancy to be bitchy when you are cranky, who harasses you lovingly, and who is confident enough to do sexy things to you in public. This is my gushy pre-happy valentine's day entry!!!! ANyway, I feel like I've been rewarded after years of torment. I'm proof that luv can hit you out of nowhere. and if it can happen to me, don't you dispair.


Afterwards we went to a bar for cool people and i had more to drink. I met some people who grew up near me and we discussed the park in my town where all the kids and drug users and cops used to hang out. It embarassed me because I forced to remember the trashy people I was friends with in school. ATTENTION COOL PEOPLE: I WAS NOT COOL IN HIGH SCHOOL. EVEN IF I DRESS A LITTLE MORE FASHIONABLY NOW. I WAS NOT EVEN NEAR TO ONE OF YOU UNTIL LIKE LAST SUMMER, MAYBE. Anyway, some of the people were Misha's ex-coworkers from Marvel, and it was weird, I just thought everyone that worked at a comic book place was overweight and male and nerdy. and that is just not true, necessarily. I sort of want a job where i can sit around and eat Cheetos in front of a computer all day, and of course drink some sodapop, but then again I would like to be an intellectual.

(If I have a child, I think it would be cute to train it to say "I Want to be an Intellectual when I Grow Up!!!")

During the weekend we also: went clothes shopping so I can be cool in the spring, saw "The Mothman Prophesies" (it was kind of bad, and we saw it in front of some tuff kids who talked during it), perused comic books, perused japanese toys, ate at Friend House (YUM), saw a model at Friend House whose breastbones were protruding (she went to the bathroom and then I went to smell it to see if she puked, but she hadnt and that's when I realized Friend House must be healthy), watched The Virgin Suicides, looked at lots of art books, and drank tapioca bubble tea.

Even I am envious of my totally radical life.

Now I am at work where I am full of life and love. Damnit, I hate these entries where I recount the Facts of My Life. I like more esoteric and humorous entries, like where I recount strange events.

I want to write about Zeb and Ferndough, the starfish-shaped boy, but I can't remember anything.

I really need to stop abusing Simply Sleep.

Take care,