I am paranoid that my brain is seriously broken from lyme disease. There is some study at Columbia about the neurological effects of the disease that I would have qualified for about 7 years ago. But now it seems I don't qualify, and what's done is done. This is addding to the headache that i already chronicly have.


I spent my saturday traveling from department store to department store, while my sister tried on suits. Ironically, I ended up at the end of the day with 5x as many purchases as she did. She did not find a suit. We went to Bergendorff, Bergman-Dorffers, whatever the hell it's called, that really really upscale place where they sort clothes according to uppercrusty DESIGNER rather than the type of clothing. I enjoyed it because there were lots of cute older women wandering around, dressed to the nines. I was terribly thirsty all day though. In yet another burst of irony, it was snowing and wet all day.

We went to Friend House, my favorite restaurant, and since this was the 3rd or 4th weekend that i've been there in a row, all the waiters and the waitress recognized me. As we were leaving after our delicious meal, my favorite waiter told me to stay warm, goodbye, and "we'll see you soon!" HE KNOWS ME ALL TOO WELL.

I won my first item on ebay and i expect it to arrive today. It is a collection of small plastic toys based on Olive the Other Reindeer from Carl Jr.'s!!! I only bid on J. Otto Seibold memorabilia on ebay, because otherwise i am always overwhelmed. I tried once before to bid on a J Otto Swatch Watch that he had signed, but i lost like the poor derelect of a child that I am.

If you do not know what Jotto is, look here.

I wish I could break into Misha's apartment while he is away and re-arrange all of his G.I. Joe's and toys. I think that would really get his goat yet make me giggle. Perhaps he might see it as "mischevisiously endearing" as I would intend it. Or else, he would stab me.


I am a great big vaccuous space. SCHLURP!!!!! That is the sound of my vacuousness.

Jackie Chan had a dog in Hong Kong, but he was away making movies for so long, that he came back and the dog didnt recognize him adn the dog bit him.

My greatest influence is Ralph Wiggum.