i am contemplating moving to europe. nothing seems very important here, the way things seem important when you read about them in books. i think life would be a lot more mysterious and beautiful if I couldn't understand what most people were saying when I overheard their stupid, mundane conversations. For example, "Hello how are you" sounds much more intriguing if said in German, for the main reason that I don't understand German and I would think the person might perhaps be saying something very interesting. It's like when you listen to songs and don't know the lyrics, and the song seems incredibly profound because of the mood of the music, but then you actually discover what the lyrics are and suddenly the song is boring and awful. I am more interested in the possibility of things than the actuality.

therefore, i want to be where i don't understand things so well.

There are some things people can say in english that are still interesting to me though. Like this overheard tidbit that Erika sent to me (I hope she doesn't mind me stealing it):

Overheard in a certain tent-teahouse on 4th Avenue in Tucson:

"Did you see me at the party? I was the clown playing the saxophone with fire."

Erika loves anecdotes as much as i do, i think. She told me one once about when she was sitting in Midway airport, and there were snow delays for her flight. An old lady sitting next to her said something like "God Damn these snow delays!" and Erika replied "Yeah, I just want to get home" and the old lady exclaimed "OH, I HEARD DAT". As if Erika was a new sassy friend. I love that anecdote.

I am finally getting sleep!

Current news from me includes becoming horribly ill and then getting better over the weekend. We watched "The Bad Leiutenant" which was basically just a movie of Harvey Keitel doing bad stuff. Such as, being violent and very, very bad. There was not much storyline, but I bet it is Harvey's favorite role. Why must he show f.f.n. in every movie? I think it would be funny, if he started to do kids movies.

also we saw "hedwig and the angry inch" and i was suprised at how good music from a musical could be. it was a lovable tale with good wigs. Hedwig is beautiful and German.

on Friday i had dinner with some sassy ladies. One of the sassy ladies knew the owner of the restaurant we ate at. There was some bad art hanging up on the walls, which i almost said something about, and it was good that i didnt because the owner had painted them. Our waitor was delightfully weird and brought out our food after saying "Oh, I found this on the floor in the kitchen and thought you might like it." He asked us to bring him things to frame at his framing business. Bekah kept talking about "Fine Larry" and why didn't I remember "Fine Larry" from high school. We discussed seeing people from high school at the DMV and such lame NJ clubs as Club Abyss. Jen told Bekah that I had a tattoo on my butt that said "Hate the game, not the player, cause you just got played". Now that she put the thought in my head, I think I might actually do this.

A nice young man from Queens asked me about my sneakers on NJ Transit.

I eat yogurt every day.