I have no strength for my own writing. This is from Eekika:

Here's what my contribution to the class letter should be: "I have been working for the past year and a half at various customer service type jobs. First I lived in a cold dark city, writing classified ads. That sucked, so I fled southward. Now I am a peddler of Broadway Show tickets for The Rich. Since graduation, I have gained twenty pounds and shall surely gain twenty more before summer. My cat has been peeing all over our couch because he has a chronic bladder infection which we can't seem to solve. College loan payments are a bitch. Xena reruns are way cool. I am so sad that the characters from Northern Exposure never existed! They were also way cool. Joel is my favorite. Chris is okay, except that sometimes his monologues are REALLY pretentious and annoying. Ed is just dumb. Someone sideswiped us in the parking lot a couple of weeks ago, leaving a large dent in our vehicle. Whatever. Daily, I feel guilty that I am not doing more for my fellow human being. I also feel guilty that I am complaining about a stupid dent in the car when there are starving families in Afghanistan. I keep having dreams about people who wear hats made out of vanilla custard. I have no direction in life. I only want to go back to school and get certified to teach art to unruly highschool students because I can't think of anything else."