weekend update with norm mckateold

Sometimes I plan out things to write in my head, and then I forget them completely.

I was somehow able to sleep at Misha's house in his tiny bed, but when I returned to my own bed last night, in my huge queen sized bed that is all to myself, I could not sleep at all again. So instead I spent the night planning out the story for my first screenplay. It will be about a 15 year old girl (teenage girls being wonderful protagonists) who wants to be a poet, but her poetry is awful. During her search for life, love, and liberty, she will team up with a 20-something artist who makes awful conceptual art, annoy her parents, be rude, save a dog about to be hit by a car, fight terrorism, learn to drive, meet the president, join a club, and finally, kiss the boy of her dreamz!!!!! It will be a summer blockbuster. I dreamed of praise in my non-sleep. THe kitty raced around my bed last night, was loud, and would not calm down. She is fluffy and cute.

I ate at my favorite restaurant this weekend, it is called Friend House. (It is in Manhattan, on 3rd ave between 12th and 13th Street.) Therein lies some good sushi and other foodstuffs. I had some sushi with endives, plum paste, and shiso. I DREAM ABOUT IT NOW. also there was some sushi with salmon, kiwi, and blood oranges. yum yum. and also we had seafood soup with squid, shrimp, and bean curd. and seared tuna with a spicy outer casing!!! food of dreams. it is not too expensive, either!!

also this weekend i saw the cute blonde girl from Dawson's Creek, she was waiting in line to see Mulholland Drive. I looked 3 times to make sure it was her. I never make any celebrity spottings. I totally missed seeing Fred Schneider, Gaby Hoffman, and the lord knows who else. Oh well, I'd probably just embarass myself.

Also we went to the Bronx Museum and saw some hip-hop art. they had some photos of that lady, I think her name is Nikki S. Lee, who dresses up and tries to fit in with different people. Like she dressed up as an old lady for a while and tried to be old. In this show, she had darkened her skin somehow and attempted to be hip-hop. I noticed she had two hip-hop styles: cool hip-hop and sexy hip-hop. They showed photos of her, but the photos weren't the art, they were just the documentation of the art, cause the actual art was when she actually was trying to fit in. She ended up dating some famous rapper, i forget who. in a little room, they were showing that snoop dog porno. there were lots of shaky, undulating butts.

Padraig finally re-established contact. I am blissful. He is as pert and cuddly as ever.

Not much else to say today!