Spotty but overall quite lovely

There is almost no one at work but me. This is surprising, not that there are few people at work, but that I am one of them. I still feel very childish and irresponsible. I am 23 but continue to act about 14. I wonder if I will be shy forever.

I just realized that I missed my chance to sing that Billy Bragg song "A New England". "I was 21 years when I wrote this song/I'm 22 now, but I won't be for long". Isn't my diary exciting? I also just realized that I missed my chance to be on TRL on Mtv. They only take people in the audience between the ages of 16-22. And I look all haggard and old already.

Yesterday I went to a walk-in clinic because my tonsils are all swollen up. They are not sick or irritated looking, just annoyingly swollen up and have been for a while. They feel all slimy and big in my throat. I feared some sick or disgusting disease that I would not want to admit to. (for example, STDs in weird places. ewwww TOO MUCH INFORMATION. heheh. sometimes babies are born with gonnorhea of the head.) anyway i went and the tiny indian doctor told me that she didnt know what was wrong!!! i prboably have huge tumors of the throat. anyway while I was there, an old woman in the waiting room passed out and started vomiting on herself. They had to call 911 to take her to the E.R. I felt very bad for her because she was very embarassed, but her daughters should have taken her to the emergency room in the first place.

Christmas was fun and i got an Elph digital camera which means more naked pictures and pictures of my fabulous shoes. Also movies of my lovable cats doing loveable things! Once I figure out how to work it. My mother also gave me a nudie calendar of old men in Vermont. I am going to put it up at work.

I just found out that there is a new Henry Darger study center at the Museum of Folk Art in Manhattan. He is one of my favorite artists. Sometimes I wish I was schizophrenic so I could make art that was worthwhile. I am excited to take Misha to see the art because I think he would enjoy seeing small naked girls with penises getting strangled and disembowled by manly evil soldiers. I would also like to take him to the Natural History Museum.

If Tim comes to New Jersey, I am going to capture him and keep him in cage. He is so lovable and fluffy. When I first met him, I thought he was kind of jerky.