That taxi's got a dent in it

I think it's always a funny joke to yell "OMG WE GOTS TO HIJACK THAT TRUCK!!!!" whenever you see a beer or snackcake truck on the road. Especially the kind with tasty looking pictures on the side. I imagine somedays swimming in a sea of hostess cupcakes. See, you wouldn't even swallow anything, you'd just move through it chewing and stuff would be pouring out of the sides of your mouth. Is that what heaven is like?

Thinking about heaven makes me think of that stupid line in Field of Dreams: "Is this heaven?" "No, it's Iowa." I assure you that every small liberal arts college in Iowa displays that quotation prominently in literature that attempts to attract students. Despite the fact that Iowa is closer to purgatory. I have a strange romantic attachment to Iowa and its desolate landscape (not romantic as in LUV <3 but romantic as in that yearning, emotional sense. it is no coincidence that the midwest is kind towards the emo music), but i think that mostly comes from my memory glossing over the horrible details. In my intro psychology class, I learned that forgetting is actually a function of the brain rather than a misfunction. Like, there are some people who had injuries to their brain that have made them unable to forget. So they remember everything from the moment of the accident on. EVERYTHING. They can recount their days, minute by minute. I'll bet those are fairly depressed people.

Oh, since it is the holiday season I want to put a recipe up here for really good wassail. this stuff simply warms the soul.


3 parts apple cider
1 part sherry
several apples, sliced in eighths
several cinnamin sticks or ground cinnamin (to taste)

Combine ingredients in a big old pot and stir around over medium to medium low heat. Heat till hot. This stuff is really scenty. So sniff around it for a while. Then serve in mugs. The apples really taste good.

Last night I had dreams about car and bicycle crashes. I was listening to something on NPR coming home from work about Mexico and its high percentage of hit and runs. They interviewed this British man who had bicycled from work one day, went to turn a corner, and got plowed into by a car. He landed right on top of the car. He was slightly delirious, and the next thing he knew, the car started again and began to speed up really fast. It got about 60 mph before he was finally thrown from the car. He skidded along the highway a little, then ran to his bicycle and attempted to pursue the driver, but his knee had been broken in four places. That was a pretty good story, I think. I have no such stories. The only real scar I have is from falling into a pointy fence when I was in Spain. It is neither impressive nor exciting.

I am a geek-ho and i want to see Lord of the Rings. Do not see Not Another Teen Movie. That movie is worse than it looks.