Drinkbox Addiction

Saw two nearly perfect movies in one night this weekend, Amelie and The Royal Tennenbaums. Is it vain to see large pieces of yourself in wonderful characters like Amelie? I am actually not sure it is a good thing, with that particular character. Except that the movie ended happily, like a happy Madame Bovary (one of my favorite novels). I think it was meant to be a happy answer to Madame Bovary. That would make sense. They are both very French.

There is a store in Manhattan that is my favorite store, it is called Toy Tokyo. It sells toys that will blow your little mind. They have recently started making toys of the characters in the movie My Neighbor Totoro. (I think only recently?) I stood in front of them for at least 15 minutes, unable to unlock my eyes from them and unable to choose which one i wanted. I could feel my heart beating rapidly like a little tiny motel headboard in my chest. (you see, they even had lots of stuffed catbuses!!!) i ended up getting a little windup grey Totoro. Because it looks a little scary as it zooms toward a person. also i feel greedy buying myself large things so near to christmas time. except, last night i ordered a pair of Nike Air Wovens. oops. (PS: please don';t throw blood on my shoes or anything. at least i don't buy from old navy anymore.)

Since coming back from Puerto Rico, I am overstocked with massive quantities of rum. I went a little overboard at the Bacardi factory (I WAS NOT TARDY WHEN I PARTIED HARDY WITH BACARDI AND FOODS FRIED IN LARDY). Dena did little dances during the factory tour and said every 5 minutes "THIS IS THE BEST PART OF THE ENTIRE TRIP" so i guess she got me a little too excited. They had varieties that are not sold in America!! I didn't realize until after I paid that I don't sit around my house and drink alone. I still have almost full bottles of vodka and Captain Morgan from college, a year ago today. DRUNKEN PARTYTIME AT KATE'S HOUSE COMING SOON!!! WOOOOOOO!!!

Drunken college partytime is making me reminisce about the best party ever, the one that coalesced into 100 naked people running across the lawn with two cops in a golf cart chasing them. The cops had cups of beers in their hands and were yelling joyously, and two naked girls were hanging off the back of the cart waving to everyone.

Last night, as I went to sleep, I listened to the newest Pinback album, a perfect album, and realized I am happy for the first time in a very, very long time.