Blonde Redhead Sammich!!

The Italian twins in Blonde Redhead, just like the two sons of J. Chenette (music prof at Grinnell), look like Ned Flanders' sons. Cuddly-sweet!!!!!!

I have been battling strep throat in all its incarnations lately. I am paranoid about it, cause you can get Scarlett Fever from it, and if you remember, that is what caused Mary's blindness in Little House on the Prairie. It can also cause heart damage!! and since my heart is already torn and tattered i don't think it can hold up against much more assaulting!! I have come to loathe the ways of antibiotics. I don't think my body can take any more of the battle!!

When we were little, my best friend Rebecca used to sing this song around Christmas:

Christmas is coming, my mommy's getting fat
Would you please put some Slimfast in the old woman's hat
If you haven't got some Slimfast, some Diet Rite will do
If you haven't got some Diet Rite, then you must be fat too

I thought this was very clever in the 3rd grade.