I keep thinking about going to the Pub (the only bar in Grinnell that wasn't prejudiced against college students, it was nasty) with Erika and Brian to celebrate something, and Erika going "oooh, get us a pitcher of something special!!! how about PABST!!!!!!" she was completely serious. i don't know why i keep thinking of this. My favorite beer is Sapporo. I also like Belgian Blue Moon.

This entry goes out to a man in Chicago named Bill, who is a treasure to the world. And not just because he enjoyed my pig mafia thing. He has a clever brain, that constantly delights me with wonders.

So the last few days have been fairly interesting. LET'S BRING YOU UP TO SPEED. On Friday, my father almost fainted into his lunch so an ambulance came and took him to the emergency room. A short history: my dad had a heart attack at age 35. I think I remember him having another, or an almost heart attack, shortly after that. Lately my dad has been having these spells where he feels like he is fainting, especially while driving. WHICH SCARES ME. I love my dad. Anyway my mother and I spent the afternoon in the hospital with him. I left at 7:00 when it was clear that he would be ok, and jogged over to the New Brunswick train station where a train was awaiting for me, and I flew up to Penn Station to meet my Misha. I did not have time to get gussied up for a night in the city!!! i fely ugly but then we had good Malaysian food and saw Zoolander.

Then I went home and packed. Then Monday I started to get sick and now I am sick. I take a lot of cold medicine, but it makes my head spin. So I am not too happy with it. It reminded me of youthful experimentation and Robutussin and the rumor that oregano will get you high if you smoke enough of it (I guess I didn't). Um. then I came home and the dog peed on me in fear or excitement, I don't know which, but she has lost control of her bladder and that is just bad.

Well I am going to fall over if i don't go to bed. this entry is awful. sorry bill!!!!!!!