My shorty

Tonight, I sat on something and ripped a hole in my pants. Now my jeans have a bleach stain on the butt, and my black chinos have a rip on the butt. My butt will be the worstly adorned butt in the world. This does cause me much grief. I just ordered a new pair of pants.

TheSimianDemise: i suppose katsup potato chips are a sort of inspiration.
a large gay man: OH GOD YES

My weekend was ablaze with fun and excitement. I drank a 40 out of a paper bag, and it brought me back to the hobo lifestyle that I love and miss. I got to try tapioca bubble tea for the first time, and my recommendation is not to ever try anything that is Taro flavored. Taro is starchy and kind of gross. The Almond flavor bubble tea was very good. Tapioca is chewy. THe small ones in pudding look like fish eyes. The big ones in tea look like chocolate. I tried to scoop them out with my straw, cause I was excited at first cause I thought they were chocolate, but I wound up pouring tea everywhere and they weren't even chocolate flavored. Mike chastised me and I cried tears of true sorrow. I got the Filler Bunny squeaky toy, which is good, but is bad at the same time because I do not really want to bring new and more things into the house when we are trying to empty it of stuff.

I haven't been reading diaries much lately but then the other day I tried to catch up on some, and fu-fu AKA Bradford AKA Bradley AKA little Braddy Fu-Fu had a really really good entry about stories about people in grocery stores, putting ham between their legs and such. I loved it. And wanted to point it out, with luv. <3

I have nothing more that I can remember to say right now.