my birthday

today is my 23rd birthday.

-my dad got two infected teeth pulled this morning.

-my friend's divorce is scheduled to happen today.

-my tiny company announced this morning that it was "restructuring", and many people were let go, including my lovable officemate nick.

ok and let's not forget

-the US was attacked.

-the freakin World Trade Center collapsed. i often used to wonder what would happen if they knocked those buildings down, and how wise it was to build such tall buildings.

-until about half an hour ago my sister working in the city and my friend flying out of newark this morning were unnaccounted for. they are safe. i want to hear from mike whose number i can't find.

everyone used to forget my birthday cause it happened so close to the beginning of school, that they were busy with school stuff that they just never thought of it. now no one will ever forget my birthday ever again.