I'm about to biz-ounce

I had another pastel class on Tuesday. It was fun as I had gotten to a point where I couldn't figure out what to do, so I just put in a lot of shitty colors all over the face in a haphazard fashion. This is the worst portrait ever.

After class, Jen and I discussed our fellow classmates. Specifically, we discussed Louis. We decided that not only did we like Louis, but we liked the very concept of Louis. Louis is a smiley old man. I don't think I have ever heard him speak. However, Ed spends all of class making asides to Louis or talking about Louis. I mean, it really gets out of hand. I guess Louis has been taking classes from Ed for a long time. After class, Ed often hangs around to show Louis his special pastel carrying case, or his latest work, or such. Ed often remarks "Louis will be teaching this class soon" or "That's how we draw the lips. Eh, Louis?" or "Louis loves putting color everywhere" or "Hey Louis! She's putting green in the neck! Louis loves using green." It's like he is speaking for the silent Louis. We spend time in class learning about pastels, and we spend time learning about Louis. I was happy during class when at one point, I had my own Louis moment. Ed said something complimentary about my piece, and me being awkward as always, I did not know what to say, so while I was stammering, Jen belts out in a gruff old man voice "KATHI'S A PRO". She loves to mock me. I love it too. Louis:Ed as Kate:Jen. FABULOUS!

If I had to play "make the perfect celebrity couple", I would match Benicio Del Turro with Helen, the singer from Ladytron. I don't know why. I think they are my two current favorite "looks" for people. That looks really dumb written down. Last week Ki was saying something about being aesthetically inclined and only wanting to be around cute people. I enjoy making him feel bad by reminding him that he should hate me because I am ugly. He likes to ignore my self-loathing comments. I like to mock his shallowness. But I am becoming him! I went to a plastic surgery center yesterday and it really made me feel uncomfortable. All the women who worked there were beautiful, and I felt like they were a catalogue for the place! Like they were saying to me "PICK THE FACE THAT YOU WANT TO GET!!!!" It was repellant. However, in three weeks I will have beautiful scars on my face that will make me feel scarry. You will be allowed to call me Scarface until they heal. I will like it.

I did not get to watch Snatch until tonight. After Snatch, I came home and my parents and uncle were watching Gladiator. That was too much blood for one evening. I drank two glasses of water really fast and then some ginger ale, and then i was watching the movie and I got all faint and woozy inside and for a moment I thought my stomach had burst from all the liquid in me!!! (I often have strange paranoid/hypochondriac episodes. Like when I thought I had West Nile, or the morning that my neck ached really badly and I thought I had menangitis. Fortunately I keep these things to myself.) Anyway I was having hallucinations where I thought I was tasting my own stomach blood, so I had to leave the room. This is a great story huh?

Mac Mongoloid: so i can know a famous person
a large gay man: i am famous already
Mac Mongoloid: NO

My uncle and aunt are staying with us. THey are from Switzerland. I find the pattern of my language cadences changing whenever they visit. I start talkin' more European. At work, I like to talk to my favorite person in the world, Yuk Ming. I have known Yuk Ming since I was a baby. Yuk Ming was a physicist, educated at University of Chicago and Freeh University in Berlin. Then he decided he didn't like physics so he went into programming. He also plays the church organ very well, and tells the dumbest jokes. You can often find him smiling and giggling. He is 60 years old. He was better at hackey-sacking last summer than Tom, the blue-haired hippy kid from Kentucky. He was so into it, he jumped around and pulled out a tennis racket from his car trunk and began beating Tom with glee. Last week, he did an impression of a ping-pong machine that left me speechless. Oh, back to the subject, he speaks English with a heavy Chinese accent. He also has different cadences that I enjoy listening to and pick up. There is a man named Greg who works with me who is from Poland. Whenever Robin does impressions of Greg or Yuk-Ming, they sound exactly the same.