1. daydream about boob wart
  2. michael bolton
  3. john donne
  4. brontosauruses

That the list I made so I remember sort of what to write about in this entry and don't forget anything good.

Today I kept having these really good visuals at work. I was sitting at my terminal and daydreaming AS PER USUAL (however it is harder now because I have no window. I instead have to stare at Nick's shaven head and observe how it morphs when I squint my eyes). Anyway I had this weird daydream where I was riding this really crowded subway, where it was all hot and confusing and people were all around. And there was this gigantic hump on my back, but really it was more squishier and softer than a hump, it was more of boob quality. Like this gigantic soft floppy boob flopping around on my back. And the subway would jostle, and the boob would fall on individual people and they would get crushed under the huge softness and curse, or push up on it and push it off onto someone else and stuff. It kept hitting into people and suffocating them like pillow, and it would flop back and forth. GUESS WHAT THIS BOOB REPRESENTS? My wildly fluctuating emotionality. I think this an awesome metaphor tho! I am inspired to write poetry.

I had some other cool daydreams but now I forget them.

I started writing about the other stuff on my list but it really is uninteresting. To summarize: I had a Michael Bolton moment ("HOOOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIIIIVE WITHOUT YOUUU") tonight when Ki off-handedly mentioned that Bernie was moving in with Wendy, his heretofore unnamed serious girlfriend, the first since we dated about 3 years ago. I had a horrible pang of sadness for about 30 minutes while I thought about our plans to get married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas, and tender moments, and such. And then all those thoughts like "I BET SHE IS SMALLER AND COOLER THAN ME" and "I BET HE GIVES IT TO HER COOCH REAL GOOD" and bad stuff like that. Then I felt dumb and smoked some horrible doobage.

Then I felt better. The John Donne thing I was going to say was because I was reminded of a letter that Bernie once signed in blood, in that way that only an angsty young college student separated by thousands of miles from the one he done wrong to can accomplish. I was thinking about the poem "The Flea" and how John Donne is the original Mac Daddy. To summarize "The Flea":

Yo bitch, if a flea bites you and then bites me
our blood will mix inside the flea
so turn around and let me tap that fine butt
and let our fluids mix like inside that flea's gut

John Donne is my favorite 16th century British dude 4-EVA.

Finally, I wanted to state how I saw Jurassic Park 3 last night, and as always, the brontosauruses were the stately heroes of the story.