Robin's dad thinks I am an all-American girl. I think what it takes to be an all-American girl, is (a) blonde hair, (b) be smiley, (c) be bosomy, and (d) be riddled with acne. That is my course of action.

I had a pastel class tonight and proceeded to impress no one with artiness. Ed, my "pretty nude"-paintin' instructor, made fun of me. At one point he commented "Oh! Stop and we should frame it right now!" and I got flattered look on my face, and begun to say something to thank him, and then he was all "I'm just kidding." Ed made my heart bleed.

Afterwards I had a craving for White Castle. We went and all the food I ate was in rings. In accordance with this theme, i will blow it all out of my O-ring at some point later tomorrow. My digestion system shut down sometime several months ago.

This diary entry is clever to me and no one else. Where the fuck is my chutzpah?