New design? Is it hot?

I have been feeling shit-regret over Applebees lately, i.e. it does not meet my expectations of horribleness more and more each time I eat there. That is happening a lot lately. If I am what I eat, soon I will be built out of crass American commercialism and ill-mixed drinks. And the breakfast bar thing I am eating right now, which is named "Kool Stuf". I will be partially Kool Stuf. The rest of me will be sad and disgusting as always.

Tomorrow I plan on racing Matchbox cars with my friendly young officemate Nick. Or probably just revving up my own car, and throwing it at his head. Somebody made a fort out of leftover cardboard boxes a couple days ago. I will make it my splendid home away from home. I will squirrel away food in it, like 3 Musketeers and unshelled peanuts. Then I will tear up old drafts of firewall instructions and build a nest, and have my babies. Soon they will grow healthy and strong, and overrun the officespace. IT WILL BE A KATE-INFESTATION!

In the meantime, it is sleep.