Robin is very nice to me at work. Once I opened up my desk drawer, and found a secret stash of those plasticy-soft chocolate chip cookies that she had hidden especially for me (because food disappears like a nightmare at work) and today she stashed a Milky Way in the freezer for a cold snack in the afternoon. It is sad because I cannot eat chocolate. It burrows into every crevice in my teeth and burns like burning! I went to my dentist once thinking I had about 10 cavities, but he explained that the pain was probably from just the expansion of plaque bacteria. He said they were just chillin' there, but once the sugar hit them, they startin' rockin out and going all crazy! It makes me feel sorry for them. I should feed them like pets. Instead, I commit murder on them every night with my toofbrush.

This is not an epic diary entry. I am staring at my bed. Tomorrow customers are visiting at work. I hope to eat some sushi.