tidbits a plenty

I just realized the other day, if I do decide to become a librarian, I can make people call me "CATHERINE, MASTER OF LORE". (It must always be in capital letters like that, to indicate the tremendous importance of it.) I was thinking about how all the librarians in AD&D got to be called like "SAGES" or "LOREMASTERS" or something equally cool, when you know all they did all day was to like dust and shelve books and stuff. The only neat thing about being just a "librarian" is that whole sexy librarian myth thing. I could dress in spinstery skirts and things and strut around the library like I owned the place. I WOULD BE IN THE MENZ'S SECRET FANTASIES, LIKE ALL THE PRETTY LADIES OF CINEMA.

I was going to end the entry there, but then I was suddenly reminded of something funny. Jen said her trashy cousin got custom plates for her Camero that said "14KGOLD". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT THINKS THAT IS HILARIOUS?????? It is like a 13 year old mall shoplifter's dream car!! It is dumb to begin with, but it can't even be 24K!! It is cheap Claire's Boutique shit! She is advertising that she is cheap Claire's Boutique shit!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA SHE DRIVES THAT THING!!!!!!!

My dream custom license plate would be a California plate, that read: "2PAC4EV". That shit would be jacked before I knew it though. It sure is a dream, a wonderful dream.