An assortment of snacks

Today a tornado almost came and took all my stuff away. The news predicted that it would be in Red Bank at 5:55, right on the dot, but it never actually arrived! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT DISSED US LIKE THAT!! We had actually cleaned the house and and prepared fondu, but eventually the food grew as cold and bittersweet as the tears of rejection that flowed down our sad faces. 6:30 rolled around, and we knew we had been passed over. I kept feeding "Pirate's Booty" to the dog to keep it quiet. Yar!! It is a corn-filled cheesy treasure.

Speaking of corn, I miss Iowa.

Rosie O' D aparently told my mother that Pirate's Booty was low in fat and calories, and I'm here to report that it, in fact, is not. Besides, it's all puffed, so you have to eat twice as much to fill your tum as regular snack materials. However, it's cheesy goodness leaves nothing to be desired. The dog likes it because it is full of crunch, while I love the way it mixes with my saliva!! A not-so-diet snack that is a proven winner with all species!! THUMBS UP!!! (or paws!!!! :D :D :D)

Krispy told me about her Egyptian pen-pal today, who emailed her from an ad she had on Matchmaker. ("the ad was a joke" she tells me. WHATEV. She was looking for some more wolf-sweatshirt-wearing, gun-toting white trash men.) Starting out innocently enough, he wrote "I may come to USA soon. I need USA friend." So Krispy took it upon herself to reply to this man in need, and told him all about herself. His emails to her grew increasingly insistant. "I come to USA. I need friend." However he never divulged any details about himself. Krispy kept replying to him like the little angel she is. Until finally, "What airport you live near? I come to USA. I need friend!" With a shiver of fright, Krispy deleted the email. No more would she write to this insistent man. Her little pal Zaney told her he was probably looking for a VISA-marriage. I really have no idea how to end this story. But it's sort of funny, eh?

Goodnight fellllaz!