eye socket crud!

I'm almost 23, and experimenting with liquid eyeliner for the first time. I have missed out on a lot of rebellious/goth youth.

The thing I like best about liquid eyeliner is that you put it on and wash it off, and then there is a lot of black stuff in the corners of your eye. Then a little bit later you blow your nose and there is a lot of black stuff in your snot. It really makes you realize how all that stuff is connected in your sinuses.

It reminds me of my best friend from 1st-7th grade, Rebecca (incidentally getting married this July), and how she used to always tell me she could breathe through her eyes. She would hold her nose and puff up her cheeks and then violently push the air from her mouth up through her eye sockets. she'd do like this in and out thing where it looked like she was desperately trying to avoid suffocation, and I wouldn't notice anything more than that, and then she'd be like "THERE!!! I felt it! It was all breezy up there!" meaning i guess that she could feel the air going in and out of her eyes. that is pretty neat.

I used to knock her over a lot by accident. I guess I was a pretty sizable kid. In 6th grade, my nickname was "Icebox". I am still pretty insecure about my broad shoulders.

Eh, I am pretty insecure about everything i guess. (no shit.) i like you.