This is an entry just to make an entry.

It just popped into my head right now, that it would be funny to make a joke about Patch Adams. But I can't think of any joke in particular, so that is the joke! Just Patch Adams! It is making me laugh a lot. I am tired.

I want to point out, that this is a really funny picture. "TEE HEE HEE MR. MORRISSEY, LOOK AT MY BELLY BUTTON!!!!!" Thank you miss sara, I am putting links to this picture everywhere!!! i hope I find this guy someday, and shake his cute little paw.

I think someday I am going to firm up my body and make it into the ideal canvas for a tattoo artist, and make that artist go crazy on my back. I will pick the artist, and tell him/her to turn me into a work of art!!! I really have nothing that I like all that much that I could tattoo into my skin forever, like a dumb marvin the martian tattoo or anything. I mean, I like the general feeling of meaninglessness and malaise in most people's lives, but that does not translate into a concrete image very easily!!

So, blah. If you live in the general jersey shore area and would like to be my friend and actually wake up early to drive us to the Englishtown aucton for a day full of walking and romance, I would be pretty thrilled. I do not think I like this new idea, of my friends becoming ultra-relgious, when I am pretty much an athiest. Angerla's birfday is this friday tho, so we will see if they actually stick to this no holiday thing!! I miss all the really weird trashy people my friends used to hang out with. Like Gayle and The Kid, and her toofless boyfriends. There is no comedic relief. COME HERE PEOPLE, I WANT TO LAFF AT YOU.

Tomorrow I am dining out and then maybe going to a cheesy shore bar/club. I will never forget the time, when I was in the midst of half-naked sweating undulating bodies, inappropriately dressed in cargo pants and a gingham blouse, when this drunken 40 year old man comes up to me, waving the beer in his hand, saying "Hello, honey. I don't need one of these to see that you're pretty!!!" HE WAS FALLING DOWN DRUNK. It was pure comedy. Also pure comedy: the Dave Matthews Band. I found a diarist here who I went to high school with, but I refuse to write him on the grounds that he is a big DMB fan!!! GAHHH!!!!!! if you are a DMB fan, write me, and i will cure you of your mediocrity. With some good ol' fashioned luvin'.